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Application and tuition fees for master's studies

A degree from KTH is an investment for life. For studies at KTH, application and tuition fees are required for some students.

Tuition fee

The full tuition fee for most two-year programmes with both years spent at KTH is SEK 342,000, but it varies between the programmes. Choose your programme below to determine the cost for your programme.

Who is required to pay fees?

If you are a citizen of EU, EEA or Switzerland, you generally do not pay application and tuition fees. However, some joint programmes may charge fees from EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. If you are not a citizen of EU, EEA or Switzerland, you usually have to pay application and tuition fees, with some exceptions.

Find out if you are required to pay fees (University Admissions)

Application fee

Students applying for studies at KTH through University Admissions are required to pay an application fee of SEK 900. This fee must be paid before the end of January, since the assessment of the application is dependent on payment of the fee.

How and when to pay the application fee (University Admissions)

Students applying to a joint master's programme through another university or consortium, where a portion of the study time is spent at KTH, may be required to pay an application fee to that university or consortium.

Cost of living

The monthly cost of living for international students in Stockholm is between SEK 9,450-12,350. This includes accommodation (4,600-7,500), food (2,400), public transport (650), phone and internet (300) and clothing, hobbies and leisure (1,500).