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Payment of tuition fees

Here you will find information about the payment of tuition fees if you are admitted to KTH from 2024. The tuition fee is charged in advance for each semester. You will be able to access details regarding your payment within a week of being admitted. Follow the instructions and make sure to pay the tuition fee by the due date stated in your payment information.

Paying tuition fees for newly admitted master students

How to pay the tuition fee

The tuition fee is charged in advance for each semester. You can find your payment information at Ladok for students  within a week of being admitted, log in using your  login. There you will find your payment instructions and all the necessary information on how to pay the tuition fee. The due date for most students admitted to the autumn semester 2024 is 31 May. Please note that other payment deadlines may apply depending on the application round and/or type of education.

The payment of the tuition fee must be made by account deposit/transfer via a bank. The payment should be made in SEK (Swedish Krona). Please note that payment by card is not possible.

Once you have access to the payment information please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Inform your bank which bank account you wish to transfer the funds to. Indicate the amount in Swedish kronor and the 4-digit reference number (see step 2 ) You can find all the payment details at Ladok for students .
  2. It is mandatory that you provide your 4-digit reference number, which we need in order to match the payment to your student record. You will find the reference number in the information box at the bottom of the payment information document.
  3. Inform your bank that KTH must receive the payment by the due date stated at Ladok for students .
  4. Note that we receive the funds in Swedish kronor and that you are responsible for paying all fees associated with this transfer.

Has my payment been received?

Log in to Ladok for students  after a few days to see if your payment has been received.

Can I get a receipt?

Once we have received your payment, you will be able to find your receipt at Ladok for students, log in using your  login.

Payment and repayment of fees to and from Belarus, Iran and Russia

Due to international regulations, KTH is not allowed to conduct monetary transactions with Belarus, Iran and Russia. You should be aware of this when you make a payment and be careful which account you choose to make the payment from. Reimbursement is always made to the same account from which the payment originated. Consequently, we recommend selecting a payment method that works if a refund must be made.

Do you have any questions?

We have gathered common questions and answers which you will find at FAQ about tuition fees . If you have any other questions about tuition fees, please contact .