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Hooman got a One-Year Scholarship to study at KTH

Hooman originally graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Imam Khomeini International University in Iran. Following that, he worked in construction management, leading several projects before pursuing a Master's degree in Real Estate Management.

You were awarded the KTH One-Year Scholarship for your second year. What has this scholarship meant for you?

It has certainly meant a lot. Without this scholarship, it would have been extremely difficult to handle the tuition and living expenses in Stockholm. I think it was a big achievement for me; I put all my effort into it and succeeded. I am really proud of it.

What was your academic background before applying for the scholarship?

I did my bachelor’s studies in Civil Engineering. Followed by a few years of working in construction management, leading several projects.

Do you have any recommendations for students applying for the One-Year Scholarship?

I would encourage them to make their efforts towards their goals without concern about the outcome. Enjoy the road and do not worry about the destination, as in my experience, this usually leads to success.

What are the best aspects of your programme and your school?

One of the most beneficial aspects of the real estate and construction management programme design is the fact that you can specialise in four distinct fields: Construction Project Management, Real Estate Development and Land Law, and Building and Real Estate Economics. Furthermore, the programme is accredited by RICS, indicating that it meets a high educational standard. Apart from these, I thought there was a lot of novelty in the concept of teamwork and the encouragement of an interactive class. Lastly, I would add that the lectures are exceptional and the general vibe of the course is very friendly.

What would you say to a student applying for your programme?

Before applying for the programme, take the time and study the course content. If it is something you enjoy, then go for it.