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Xianglin got a One-Year Scholarship to study at KTH

Xianglin originally comes from China, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management at Three Gorges University.

You were awarded the KTH One-Year Scholarship for your second year.
What has this scholarship meant for you?

Receiving the scholarship is an encouragement, a reward for the hard work I put in over the first year. The scholarship also reduces financial stress for my family and me and allows me to focus on my studies and future plans.

What was your academic or professional background before applying for the scholarship?

I have a bachelor's degree in Engineering Management. I'm now majoring in Real Estate and Construction Management at KTH. I had most of my courses in the economics track in my programme.

Do you have any recommendations for students applying for the One-Year Scholarship?

Outstanding academic performance will help you to stand out. If you plan to apply for the scholarship, your first-year academic results at KTH will be important. I recommend finding a life-study balance, enjoying your time at KTH, and not losing sight of your studies.

What are the best aspects of your programme and your school?

The best part about my programme (Real Estate and Construction Management) is that we always have opportunities to learn about the actual market since we work on real projects, interview companies, and participate in field trips. I especially like the guest lectures in most of our courses. In addition to providing insight into the real estate market, these experiences are very inspiring for my future career.

What would you say to a student applying for your programme?

Students in Real Estate and Construction Management can choose between three tracks based on their interests and career plans, which means you will have access to get to know different aspects of the industry. Also, you will be equipped with job-related skills because of the close industry connection in our programme. Therefore, an early planned career path will be really helpful for you to concentrate on your study process. Moreover, we have plenty of projects requiring group work; it is exciting to work with students with diverse backgrounds.