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Portraits of the people mentioned in Newsmakers at KTH.

Newsmakers at KTH

Cleaner steel, more eco-friendly nappies and energy-efficient water consumption. These are some of the areas in which students and researchers at KTH have recently garnered widespread attention.

An excavator outside a destroyed buildng.

Green reconstruction of bombed cities

A new EU initiative aimes to rebuild Ukraine's destroyed cities in a sustainable way.

“It’s amazing, as a researcher, to be able to make a contribution, and focusing on the future and green rebuilding really inspires hope,” says Olga Kordas, Associate Professor at KTH coordinating the programme.

Southeast tower in Borggården, covered in snow.
Several subjects have steadily been climbing the rankings for the past several years. “One of the trends we see is that their scores on citations have increased from year to year,” says KTH Vice President Mikael Lindström. (Photo: Fredrik Persson)

QS ranks KTH 44th in Engineering and Technology globally

In the 2023 Rankings by Subject released this week, the QS World University Rankings placed KTH Royal Institute of Technology 44th in Engineering and Technology worldwide—or 14th among universities in...

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a glass is filled with water from a faucet
Water treatment used to be primarily about protecting the environment from contaminants. Nowadays, sea- and wastewater are purified into drinking water and all parts of wastewater are to be reused. At the new pilot and demo facility in Loudden, Stockholm, new solutions for circular water treatment are being tested and developed. (Photo: Mostphotos)

Projects aim to eliminate waste from wastewater

The demand for water treatment is increasing throughout the world – and so is the risk of waste. Today, water treatment processes aim to protect the environment from contaminants, while recycling all ...

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 Dark room with neon sign that reads: "It all starts here"
Students in the new master’s programme, Technology-based Entrepreneurship, will gain from direct engagement in Stockholm’s innovation ecosystem, which includes organizations such as KTH Innovation. Pictured, an start-up event at KTH Innovation's hub on the KTH Campus. (Photo: Patrik Lundmark)

New MSc programme equips engineers for entrepreneurship with a purpose

Sustainability and innovation are two guiding principles at the heart of KTH research, and a new master’s programme aims to equip innovators with the skills to bring these values to market. The MSc p...

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Photo: Erik Ottoson Trovalla / Nordiska museet

Emerging digital platforms force waste management rethink

Crowd-sourced waste disposal services push the legal and ethical boundaries on who should take care of our waste.

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Prize-winning research will develop the energy markets of the future

Maximising social welfare and further integrating renewable energy sources into the energy system. This is the potential of two capacity calculation methods primarily focusing on facilitating the cros...

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