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An overflowing river with a couple of people walking next to it

Citizens' assembly gives politicians guidance

It's time for the people to have their say on climate change. A newly formed national citizens' assembly mentored by KTH professor Sverker Sörlin, will provide input on climate policy. Sörlin hopes for new ideas on how to reduce emissions in practice.

"A citizens' assembly can give politicians guidance and perhaps reassure them that voters will not flee just because a party has an aggressive climate policy," he says.

The people have their say on climate change

Portrait picture of Anders Wörman outdoors in winter clothes

Cross-border cooperation behind green energy

How can we transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy? By cooperating across national borders - solar, wind and hydroelectric power can supply the whole of Europe with green electricity, according to a study by KTH Royal Institute of Technology. But it requires effective international relations.

”We show that it is possible to get rid of carbon dioxide emissions by switching to a renewable energy system,” says Anders Wörman, professor and research leader.

How all of Europe can get green electricity

Portrait of teacher
Tove Malmqvist, teacher in sustainable construction, is inspired by all the young people involved in the climate issue (Photo: Christer Gummeson).

She wants to broaden the view of sustainability

Tove Malmqvist's teaching focuses on the climate issue. How can we build a society without unnecessary strain on the environment? “There is great potential for reducing emissions and we need a lot of...

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Woman in front of solar panels
Beatriz Pérez Horno will, together with partners, propose an infrastructure for the circularity of solar panels.

Mission: Avoiding solar panel scrap crisis

Sweden is booming in solar panel installations. But what happens when solar panels reach the end of their lifespan? Without a clear plan for recycling, Sweden faces the daunting prospect of being buri...

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Mats Danielsson with camera for molecular medical imaging
KTH professor and research leader Mats Danielsson is delighted to receive 3 351 875 € in ERC funding for basic research that could increase the efficiency of molecular medical imaging. "The system we are creating can provide molecular images with higher sensitivity and resolution than ever before."

Millions to KTH for research on molecular medical imaging

KTH Royal Institute Professor Mats Danielsson's research team has been awarded a European Research Council Advanced Grant of €3,351,875 for a five-year project that could revolutionize hospital techno...

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Silvia Trevisan and Rafael Guedez
Rafael and Silvia visiting Exheat Ltd’s electric heater manufacturing facilities.

New EU funding boosts thermal systems research

New funding for KTH’s experts in thermal systems paves way for new experiments and brand new rigs in the lab at the energy department. We sat down with researchers Rafael Guedez and Silvia Trevisan to...

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Researcher next to the solar simulator

Solar simulator enhances testing and training

The sun has reached KTH in the form of a second test rig for sunlight simulation. The new solar simulator will transform the landscape of PV solar energy testing and training.

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Silhouettes of people in the dark watching a wildfire.
Photo: Caleb Cook, Unsplash

Curbing threats from forest and grass fires

Forest and grass fires have become increasingly common. The research project FIRE is working to reduce the threats posed by these fires and is analyzing complex societal changes caused by climate, ele...

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