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Innovation in focus

Innovation at KTH has a long history of contributing to the development of society. This series of articles gathers some examples of how KTH researchers and students build the sustainable society of the future – through new inventions and solutions that reach the market, but also through new ways of seeing the world and addressing important challenges.

Innovation provides addresses for those who have none

As a senior research collaboration officer at KTH, Karoline Beronius was working with ICT development projects in developing countries where many lack access to healthcare and education. She discovere...

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Entrepreneurs like Aniela Hotlink, one of the winners of the 2018 Global Change Award, have been coached with the KTH Innovation Readiness Level Model. At right is Gustav Notander, business development coach at KTH Innovation. (Photo: David Callahan)

Model for launching innovations generates worldwide demand

Launching an innovative tech startup isn’t just a matter of having a good idea – it’s about having a 360-degree command of every dimension in which a business thrives. That is what’s behind an innovat...

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Last changed: Mar 15, 2022