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Portrait of Shervin Bagheri.

KTH researcher receives ERC Grant

Shervin Bagheri, Professor of Fluid Mechanics, is the recipient of a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. His research is aimed at laying a foundation for developing energy-efficient surface materials for applications in several areas.

Man in lab coat holds handful of corn bran
Of the more than 120 million metric tons of corn starch produced each year, nearly 15 percent is discarded or fed to chickens and other animals. Francisco Vilaplana has developed a method to generate nutritional value from what he describes as "a huge sidestream."

Method extracts antioxidant nutrients from corn processing waste

A process for extracting nutritious antioxidant dietary fibers from corn starch production waste could turn tons of nearly-worthless bran into a valuable, circular resource.

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Man stands on stage at graduation ceremony, while president of KTH speaks at lectern.
KTH President Anders Söderholm reads a citation as Fuad Alam (left) awaits the awarding of the President of KTH's Equality and Diversity Prize for students. (Photo: Kalle Börjesson)

Student social group offers diversity, sense of 'belonging'

Recognizing the importance of social life at university, a new student association has grown to become KTH’s largest by creating a social scene intended to make students from all cultural and ethnic b...

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Train in snow landscape.
KTH and Alstom are collaborating to develop train traffic in Europe as part of the EU's commitment to sustainable transport. (Photo: Alstom / KBD Bilder AB)

KTH and Alstom in joint effort for a sustainable European railway system

The EU is focusing heavily on sustainable travel. With Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail), the vision is to introduce a high-capacity, highly reliable integrated European railway system in orde...

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Photo of Efthymios Kantarelis.
Efthymios Kantarelis, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at KTH.

KTH-led project develops next-generation biorefineries

Researchers from KTH and Lund University will develop an integrated alcohol biorefinery for the production of industrially important chemicals (IIC) and energy carriers from Swedish biomass.

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Filipe de Palma Marques at the MST lab

Earlier diagnosis of cancer with Lucky Loop

If you have a cyst, you want the doctor to be able to tell you how severe it is. But until now, this has been more complex than it sounds. The new start-up Lucky Loop will help diagnose pancreatic can...

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Nanoparticles in emissions on researcher’s radar

Nanoparticles are everywhere, but we don't know how many or how toxic they are to humans and nature. The nPETS project involves researchers from all over Europe who visit road tunnels and airports to ...

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