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Researchers’ Noticeboard

  • Two CBH projects receives funding from NordForsk

    Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol and Helene Lundberg.
    Zeynep Cetecioglu Gurol and Helene Lundberg. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
    Published Jun 19, 2024

    NordForsk has decided to fund ten research projects on the green transition in the Nordic and Baltic States. Two of the projects involves KTH and the CBH School: COLDREFINERY and AGRIWASTE2H2. Both pr...

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  • From idea to implemented bridge concept in public space

    A wooden bridge over water
    Bifrost wooden bridge in Uddebo, Tranemo municipality
    Published Jun 19, 2024

    In Norse mythology, Bifrost is a bridge or rainbow that leads from Midgård, where humans live, up to heaven, where the gods reside. Today, it is the name of an innovative, implemented bridge concept w...

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  • Citizens' Assembly on Climate presents its results

    Sverker Sörlin
    Published May 20, 2024

    Sweden's first Citizens' Assembly on Climate, initiated by Fairtrans, a multidisciplinary research programme funded by Mistra, has completed its work. Sverker Sörlin, Professor of Environmental Histor...

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  • A humanized electricity grid

    Man in front of a brick building with a paper in his hand.
    Lorenz Payonga, doctoral student at KTH’s Department of Energy Technology, is involved in the PARMENIDES project.
    Published May 06, 2024

    Can you combine the requirements from the electricity grid and the needs from the consumers? Researchers at KTH will combine multiple energy storage technologies with insights from human behavior, the...

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  • Saman wants to save the climate – with flexible energy storage

    Smiling woman in lab.
    Saman Nimali Gunasekara explores how flexible sector coupling between thermal energy and electric power can be designed for different realities.
    Published Apr 30, 2024

    50 percent of the world's final energy is used in cooling and heating. Yet little attention is paid to the technologies behind it, the role thermal energy storage plays in it, and its connection to el...

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  • Biochemicals from wastewater – a gamechanger

    Researcher working in a fume hood.
    Isaac Owusu-Agyeman is one of the researchers who want to use bioreactors to produce volatile fatty acids from wastewater. Photo: KTH
    Published Mar 13, 2024

    Researchers at KTH aim to produce chemicals from wastewater as an alternative to fossil-based chemicals. The researchers in the project named NEEDED, which is funded by Åforsk, will design a group of ...

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  • New EU funding boosts thermal systems research

    Silvia Trevisan and Rafael Guedez
    Rafael and Silvia visiting Exheat Ltd’s electric heater manufacturing facilities.
    Published Mar 06, 2024

    New funding for KTH’s experts in thermal systems paves way for new experiments and brand new rigs in the lab at the energy department. We sat down with researchers Rafael Guedez and Silvia Trevisan to...

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  • Solar simulator enhances testing and training

    Researcher next to the solar simulator
    Published Feb 13, 2024

    The sun has reached KTH in the form of a second test rig for sunlight simulation. The new solar simulator will transform the landscape of PV solar energy testing and training.

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  • The logistics future in an uncertain world: NOFOMA 2024 lands in Stockholm

    Two men in front of the Swedish Defence University.
    At the forefront of the arrangements are KTH Associate Professor Luca Urciuoli and Per Skoglund, Associate Professor at the Swedish Defence University.
    Published Feb 05, 2024

    The 36th edition of the NOFOMA conference will be hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish Defence University in June 2024. We caught up with organisers Per Skoglund and Luca Urciuo...

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  • Curbing threats from forest and grass fires

    Silhouettes of people in the dark watching a wildfire.
    Photo: Caleb Cook, Unsplash
    Published Feb 05, 2024

    Forest and grass fires have become increasingly common. The research project FIRE is working to reduce the threats posed by these fires and is analyzing complex societal changes caused by climate, ele...

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  • New project aims to make the extraction of battery metals more sustainable

    Portrait photo of Kerstin Forsberg.
    Kerstin Forsberg, professor in chemical engineering at KTH. Photo: Jon Lindhe
    Published Jan 10, 2024

    A research project at KTH will make the extraction of nickel, cobalt and manganese for battery production more sustainable by investigating new crystallisation methods.

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  • Researchers: Gaps in lighting technology challenges cities' wildlife

    Seren Dincel presents during Light Symposium
    Seren Dincel presents during the Light Symposium in Stockholm.
    Published Dec 20, 2023

    Urban environments are growing steadily, and the present approach to designing lighting for outdoor spaces after dark has evolved by putting human needs and interests first. But for urban planning to ...

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  • Project to boost machinery components' life

    Metallic surface with a machine tool working on the surface.
    Published Nov 29, 2023

    A new project aims to improve the lifetime of machine parts by utilizing advanced surface functionalization of components. Researcher Robert Tomkowski from the Department of Production Engineering is ...

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  • Funding boost on blood clot prevention

    Group photo of project members.
    Members of the project team. From left to right: Saul Rodriguez (KTH), Johanna Flodin (Muscle Matrix Support AB - MMS), Paul Ackermann (MMS), Malin Otter (KTH, degree project at MMS), Robin Juthberg (MMS), Nelida Aliaga (MMS), Jafeth Lizana (MMS), Bashar Jamal Pati (KTH - degree project at MMS).
    Published Nov 08, 2023

    Vinnova grants 4 MSEK for the development of next-generation Venous Thromboembolism prevention.

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  • Researchers make power plants more flexible

    Rafael Guedez and José Garcia
    Rafael Guedez and José Garcia from KTH.
    Published Aug 29, 2023

    The increase of solar and wind power demands flexible power plants that can operate when the wind doesn’t blow or there is no sun. Maybe hydrogen or ammonia in gas turbines combined cycle power plants...

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  • Better data analysis can improve treatment of Parkinson’s disease

    Old couple embracing while walking down a road
    A new methodology can accelerate the diagnosis and possibly treatment of patients, helping return the brain to more healthy activity. Photo: Format Arw/Unsplash
    Published Aug 01, 2023

    More accurate data help understand how extensive local brain networks are affected in patients.

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  • The hidden computational role of dopamine in the brain

    Boy sitting by a desk writing on a piece of paper.
    A new study shows the important role dopamine plays when we are learning new tasks. Dopamine cells send much more detailed information to other brain cells than what is previously known. Photo: Santi Vedri/Unsplash
    Published Jul 18, 2023

    Neuromodulators in the brain shape our ability to learn much better than previously thought

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  • KTH researcher develops first wood xerogel

    Two researchers.
    Professor Qi Zhou and postdoc Shennan Wang. Photo: KTH
    Published Jun 13, 2023

    Researchers at KTH have produced a xerogel made from wood – the material enables more energy-efficient production of high-quality transparent wood. ”The significant advance is that our mesoporous woo...

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  • Researchers unlock the secret to the brain's working memory

    Person playing cards
    Photo: Andrik Langfield, Unsplash
    Published Jun 12, 2023

    New insights from brain science can lead to the development of artificial intelligence possessing cognitive abilities similar to humans.

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  • Efficient heat exchanger ready for testing

    Computer drawing of the heat exchanger.
    The aluminum prototype filled with phase change material has both high energy density and high power.
    Published Jun 07, 2023

    A 3D-printed heat exchanger in aluminum filled with phase change material – that is what Professor Viktoria Martin and colleagues from KTH have experimented within a laboratory environment. The result...

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