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  • Prize-winning research will develop the energy markets of the future

    Published Mar 20, 2023

    Maximising social welfare and further integrating renewable energy sources into the energy system. This is the potential of two capacity calculation methods primarily focusing on facilitating the cros...

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  • Improved wireless communication can boost launch of autonomous vehicles

    vehicular wireless communication
    Published Mar 06, 2023

    Collaboration with Princeton University merges machine learning with cellular networks, making cars safer and more energy efficient. Together with experts in machine learning and wireless communicatio...

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  • Scalable Production of Spider Silk Nanowires

    Green droplets on black background.
    Droplets of soluble spider silk proteins.
    Published Feb 27, 2023

    Researchers from KTH have successfully up-scaled the process for producing and releasing spider silk nanowires. They used liquid bridge-induced assembly to create over 12 million of 10 μm long nanowir...

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  • New project on digital solutions for value recovery in manufacturing

    Person in manufacturing
    Photo: This is engineering, Unsplash.
    Published Feb 07, 2023

    A four-year research project involving KTH and partners from 9 countries kicked-off in January 2023. The project will focus on the development of an open access platform for lifecycle information mana...

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  • KTH and partners to develop critical parts of next generation 6G networks

    Photo: Unsplash
    Published Feb 06, 2023

    KTH has joined forces with Ericsson and eight other partners to solve one of the key challenges of new 6G networks, predictable end-to-end connections between users, processes, and digital representat...

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  • KTH-led project develops next-generation biorefineries

    Photo of Efthymios Kantarelis.
    Efthymios Kantarelis, Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at KTH.
    Published Jan 31, 2023

    Researchers from KTH and Lund University will develop an integrated alcohol biorefinery for the production of industrially important chemicals (IIC) and energy carriers from Swedish biomass.

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  • Learning algorithms is an ever-increasing part of modern engineering

    Learning algorithms in modern safety-critical infrastructure
    Published Jan 30, 2023

    Learning algorithms have already shown great promise to deliver high-performing solutions to complex dynamic problems ranging from walking robots to games. They are set to play an ever-increasing role...

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  • Earlier diagnosis of cancer with Lucky Loop

    Filipe de Palma Marques at the MST lab
    Published Jan 25, 2023

    If you have a cyst, you want the doctor to be able to tell you how severe it is. But until now, this has been more complex than it sounds. The new start-up Lucky Loop will help diagnose pancreatic can...

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  • Nanoparticles in emissions on researcher’s radar

    Published Jan 05, 2023

    Nanoparticles are everywhere, but we don't know how many or how toxic they are to humans and nature. The nPETS project involves researchers from all over Europe who visit road tunnels and airports to ...

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  • EECS researchers awarded prestigious fellowships

    The IEEE fellows Xiongfei Wang, Dimos Dimarogonas, Oscar Quevedo-Teruel and Henrik Sandberg.
    Published Dec 19, 2022

    EECS captures four out of five elevations to IEEE fellow awarded to Swedish academia.

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  • Campus art installation captures the richness of basic software actions

    On 6 December, Nobel laureates Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna (left and right) visited the KTH campus to study Un|fold, a sound and light sculpture inspired by their work on genome editing. Pictured with professor Benoit Baudry, who led the development of the art work. Photo: Clement Morin / Nobel Prize
    Published Dec 07, 2022

    Art can be a powerful projector of breakthrough science. During the 2022 Nobel Week Lights, an annual lights festival taking place during the Nobel Week, KTH launched an artwork called un|fold, which ...

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  • Nobel in Africa discusses predictability in Science

    Erik Aurell and Luca Gammaitoni from Perugia with students in Durban.
    Published Dec 07, 2022

    The Nobel Symposium “Predictability in Science in the age of AI” brings together leading experts in AI and sciences to discuss and explore various issues, including the limits of the Big Data approach...

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  • KTH sound experts add new dimension to the understanding of our universe

    Published Nov 22, 2022

    New initiative helps astronomers not only to observe the universe, but also to listen to it.

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  • Finding pathways to better understanding

    Ragnar Thobaben
    Published Nov 10, 2022

    Ragnar Thobaben’s areas of expertise are information theory and communication theory. In many ways, research in these areas has laid the foundations for the communication society of today and is now h...

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  • Environmental taxes make companies invest in research

    Portrait of Christian Thomann
    Christian Thomann, associate professor and one of the researchers behind the study.
    Published Oct 24, 2022

    Companies with emissions affected by environmental taxes invest more in research and development. This is shown in a new international study by two Indek researchers.

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  • Royal visit at SciLifeLab

    Six persons in a lab.
    The King and Queen of the Netherlands, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Maxima, and The King and Queen of Sweden, His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Her Majesty Queen Silvia visiting the national research infrastructure SciLifeLab. Charlotte Stadler, SciLifeLab/KTH is Head of the National Spatial Proteomics Facility and presented the facility together with Tony Ullman, research engineer. Photo: SciLifeLab
    Published Oct 19, 2022

    On 12 October, the Swedish Royal couple visited the national research infrastructure SciLifeLab together with the King and Queen of the Netherlands, to learn more about technologies to study cells and...

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  • Researchers can help cut down global data center power consumption

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Credit: KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Published Oct 17, 2022

    Researchers have discovered a way to reduce power consumption in data centres significantly. They offload computation by converting particular types of commodity Network Interface Cards into processor...

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  • ”That he alone receives the prize shows his greatness”

    Smiling man
    Peter Savolainen. Photo: KTH
    Published Oct 05, 2022

    Peter Savolainen, Head of the department Gene Technology, did his postdoc in Nobel Prize winner Svante Pääbo’s lab at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig. Here, he remembers his time there and comm...

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  • Grand slam at Grand Prix for KTH researchers

    People applauding.
    Tomas Rosén won first place in the Researcher's Grand Prix in Stockholm. Photo: Vetenskapens hus
    Published Oct 05, 2022

    It went well for KTH in the Researcher’s Grand Prix in Stockholm – robotics researcher Sanne van Waveren came in second place and Tomas Rosén from Fibre processes claimed victory. ”Now, it feels very...

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  • Awarded doctoral student studies biofuels from inedible crops

    Teun Kuil, doctoral student at the department Industrial Biotechnology, has been awarded for his abs
    Teun Kuil, doctoral student at the department Industrial Biotechnology, has been awarded for his abstract and presentation. Photo: Jon Lindhe.
    Published Oct 04, 2022

    Teun Kuil, doctoral student at the department Industrial Biotechnology, has received the 2022 ESBES award for the combination of best abstract and presentation. “It was a big surprise and I feel hono...

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