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A new ShiftLabs node is starting in Södertälje

Map of Sweden with circles around the four node locations.
ShiftLabs' four nodes are in Gothenburg, Skövde, Mälardalen and the Stockholm region.
Published May 02, 2023

Small and medium-sized businesses will receive help with digitalisation from KTH Leancentrum and Södertälje Science Park. As part of the innovation hub ShiftLabs, their mission is to provide companies with support and knowledge to meet the challenges and new competency requirements that come with digitalisation.

KTH Leancentrum together with Södertälje Science Park, have been established as a node within the Swedish innovation hub ShiftLabs, as part of an EU-funded initiative. The aim is to guide small and medium-sized companies in sustainability and digitalisation, as well as to connect them with Swedish universities and research institutions.

Workshop participants
The Södertälje node held its first workshop on April 4th. Attendees included representatives from MITC, KTH, and Södertälje Science Park. After a project presentation from the project leaders at MITC, the floor was opened for discussion and idea generation.

“We look forward to the collaboration within ShiftLabs,” says Malin Pops Runsten, project manager at KTH Leancentrum. ”We have extensive experience in helping companies become more efficient, increase their competitiveness and reduce their environmental footprint. Now we will see how we can further refine and expand our offerings to small and medium-sized enterprises together.”

ShiftLabs’ focus is equally on developing individuals’ skills as it is on helping companies with digital solutions. Cooperation with local industry partners is an important prerequisite for improving services to the industry, and it is precisely their experience of working with the industry in combination with academic foundation in research and education that has given Södertälje a place within the hub.

Johanna Strömgren, Director of KTH Leancentrum, says that there is still work to be done, but that they already have a lot to start from.

”In the first step, we will look at how we can scale up what we are already good at, such as best practices for companies, packaging the latest research, and disseminating it to different industries and sectors. This is what we will deliver as part of ShiftLabs,” she says.

ShiftLabs has a three-year plan and is part of the Digital Europe program. It is one of four Swedish innovation hubs within a larger EU network of EDIHs (European Digital Innovation Hubs) with a mission to focus on AI, digital skills, cybersecurity, and HPC (supercomputers).

About ShiftLabs

ShiftLabs is supported by the EU Commission, Vinnova, Tillväxtverket, Region Västmanland, and Region Sörmland.

Collaborating partners include KTH Leancentrum, Södertälje Science Park, MITC (Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center), Mälardalens University, KTH, EIT, RISE, University of Skövde, Chalmers, Industrial Innovation Arena, and Stena Industry Innovation Lab.

The Södertälje node and the other three ShiftLabs nodes in Västmanland, Sörmland, and Västra Götaland, will collaborate while maintaining their local focus.

Read more on ShiftLabs website:

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Text: Alexandra von Kern