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  • New method against summer plague

    A green porridge on the surfas´ce of the water.
    A new method to collect the algae and sanitize the water during algal blooms (Photo:Mostphotos)
    Published Jul 03, 2024

    A new method to combat algal bloom has been developed at KTH and will be tested this summer in the waters off Klintehamn and Tofta on Gotland. ​​​​​​​"We will trawl up accumulations of cyanobacteria ...

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  • Jan Ellenberg appointed Director for SciLifeLab

    Professor Ellenberg is moving into his new responsibility from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg. (Photo: Stuart Ingham/EMBL)
    Published Jun 28, 2024

    The SciLifeLab board has appointed Professor Jan Ellenberg as the new Director. Alongside this role, Professor Ellenberg will also be appointed as a Professor at Karolinska Institutet and Affiliated P...

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  • Will reduce emissions in cows farts

    a joyful cow on a field,
    Initial laboratory tests showed a 92 to 99 per cent reduction in methane with the new feed additive. Photo: Kasper Nymann
    Published Jun 28, 2024

    KTH student Martin Blomberg and researchers have developed a new type of food additive that has the the potential to reduce methane emissions from cow burps and farts by about 90 per cent. The additiv...

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  • Tanzania is a model for a new educational initiative

    Portraitp photo Faith Hungwe
    Faith Hungwe is one of the twelve exchange students who participated in this year's Maggan Hub. Photo: Peter Asplund.
    Published Jun 26, 2024

    The need for new sustainable solutions to societal problems is great, and time is short. In a new initiative, the Maggan Hub, KTH students get the chance to engage in complex societal challenges linke...

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  • Professor's tip: Discussion is the best route to lasting knowledge

    portrait photo Hedvig Kjellström
    According to Hedvig Kjellström, the best way for teachers to meet students is to take them seriously, have high expectations of them and allow them to come into contact with current research and development at an early stage. Photo: Peter Asplund
    Published Jun 24, 2024

    Those who Google Hedvig Kjellström will soon realise that her educational work extends far beyond KTH's seminar halls and Zoom rooms. You'll find her in morning sofas and radio studios, confidently ex...

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  • KTH and UC Berkeley students switch places for eight-week research internship

    Nora Dunder presenting at lectern.
    “This research will hopefully make life easier for students in Sweden,” Nora Dunder says of the project she is working with in California this summer while enrolled in the Digital Futures Summer Research Internship. Seen here presenting her project to other students in the programme, Dunder is one of six KTH students at Berkeley for the summer. At the same time, six UC Berkeley students are working on research at KTH.
    Published Jun 19, 2024

    A dozen students from Sweden and California switched places last week for summer research internships focused on digital transformation, kicking off a new exchange between KTH Royal Institute of Techn...

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  • Leading academics call for extending, reframing Sustainable Development Goals

    portrait of a Francesco Fuso-Nerini
    “Achieving the social and economic goals can’t be done at the expense of planet,” says Francesco Fuso-Nerini, director of the KTH Climate Action Center.
    Published Jun 17, 2024

    A group of leading academics are calling for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to be extended past their 2030 target date and updated. In a paper led by KTH Associate Professor Francesco Fuso-Nerin...

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  • Water conflicts more frequent - how to solve them

    - The trend in recent years is that conflicts over water have increased. We have not recognised this in time and have let things go in the wrong direction," says Zahra Kalantari. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published Jun 17, 2024

    Water is a scarce resource,causing an increasing number of conflicts. A project at KTH Royal Institute of Technology is exploring how nations and regions can better resolve the problems.

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  • Electrifying transport in the forestry sector

    Truck with timber
    The forestry industry wants to reduce emissions from transport and aims to have half of freight transport electrified by 2030 (Photo: Scania)
    Published Jun 13, 2024

    The forestry industry has set an ambitious target – to electrify half of the transports by 2030. How to get there? KTH researchers will help to answer that question.

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  • More participants in THE's Impact Ranking - KTH in 72nd place

    The Industrial Monument is a fountain sculpture by Carl Milles
    KTH has been ranked on eight of the 17 global goals in THE's latest Impact Ranking. Image: OTW
    Published Jun 12, 2024

    On June 12, Times Higher Education's (THE) Impact Ranking 2024 was presented. The results show that KTH was ranked 72 out of 1,963 universities.

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  • KTH students received SEK 50,000 each: Here are the results

    portrait photo Weronika Tuszynska
    KTH student Weronika Tuszynska's thesis aims to assess the severity of forest fires using satellite data and artificial intelligence. Photo: Peter Asplund
    Published Jun 10, 2024

    At a time when surveys such as The Nordic youth barometer show that interest among young people in sustainability issues is on the decline, there is evidence to the contrary. Like the 12 KTH students ...

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  • QS ranks KTH 74th worldwide

    Crowds of students sitting in the sun in Borggården, KTHs main outdoor square.
    Nearly unchanged from last year, KTH ranks 74th in the QS World University Rankings. (Photo: David Callahan)
    Published Jun 05, 2024

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s was ranked 74th among 1,500 universities worldwide in the 2025 QS World University Rankings released today. Nearly unchanged from last year, the ranking places KTH ...

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  • Inventor of bed bug machine receives bursary

    portrait photo Maja Åstrand
    Now it's revelead: KTH student Maja Åstrand, one of the founders of SimulAir, has been awarded a newly established entrepreneurship scholarship of SEK 100,000. Photo: Lisa Bäckman.
    Published Jun 03, 2024

    KTH student Maja Åstrand, one of the founders of SimulAir, has been awarded a newly established entrepreneurship scholarship of SEK 100,000.

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  • From CEO to Business Coach at KTH

    Portrait Eva Halén
    “Because we don't want to create unnecessary barriers for the students and researchers who approach us, we choose to have low thresholds for the projects we take on. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to try to bring their inventions and ideas to the market,” says Eva Halén, business development coach at KTH Innovation.
    Published May 31, 2024

    After decades as a CEO of large companies, she returned to the university - now in the role of a business coach. Today she helps researchers and students realise their dreams through KTH Innovation. ...

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  • Newsmakers at KTH – May 2024

    Top from left: Jennifer Mack, Lars Wågberg, Nemrit Kaur. Bottom: Sverker Sörlin, Catherine Trask and Daisy Pooler.
    Published May 31, 2024

    Who has received what when it comes to funding? What findings, results and researchers have attracted attention outside KTH? Under the vignette Newsmakers, we provide a selection of the latest news an...

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  • How to make government information more understandable

    Palácio do Planalto - Brazil's government building.
    Palácio do Planalto - Brazil's government building. Photo: Donatas Dabravolskas/Unsplash.
    Published May 31, 2024

    In a polarized time when facts from researchers and politicians can be misinterpreted or distorted, the need for comprehensible knowledge dissemination is increasing. KTH student Tiago Maranhao Barret...

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  • KTH researchers are mapping the cellular and molecular landscape of childhood diseases

    Human cells.
    Researchers at KTH will map key molecules and cell types involved in the pathogenesis of diseases of the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs. Photo: iStock
    Published May 27, 2024

    Researchers from three universities in Stockholm are trying to understand cellular mechanisms involved in the development of childhood diseases, with a special focus on the brain, spinal cord, heart a...

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  • Investigating whether AI can replace human trainers

    Screenshot showing AI-generated humans
    Published May 22, 2024

    Artificial intelligence, AI, is making inroads everywhere in society. One example is KTH student Malin Jauad Almeida Marques, who in her degree project at Scania is studying whether AI-generated movin...

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  • New lab trains space robots in weightless environments

     Two out of the three free-flyers, or "spacebots". In the background: Elias Krantz, PhD student at K
    Two out of the three free-flyers, or "spacebots". In the background: Elias Krantz, PhD student at KTH, and part of the DISCOWER team.
    Published May 20, 2024

    At a newly opened lab at KTH, space robots are training to navigate in weightless environments. The lab, one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, was built by the WASP NEST-project DISCOWER. The ...

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  • Science journalist on the rise

    Portrait of science journalist
    After 30 years at Swedish Radio, curiosity is still a strong driving force for Lena Nordlund in her work as a science journalist. (Photo: Christer Gummeson)
    Published May 17, 2024

    After a long and devoted service, her career received an extra boost. First through an award-winning interview with Iggy Pop, then as a contestant on På spåret. Now Lena Nordlund, a science journalist...

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