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The city in focus

What does the sustainable city of the future look like? How are KTH’s researchers and students contributing toward the city’s development? This series of articles highlights ways in which Stockholm—and the world—stand to benefit from research and education at Sweden’s largest technical university.

A dull and grey street in Stockholm
Visualising airborne pollutants is important in helping people understand how serious an issue this is. Photo: Mike Kienle

Collaboration to visualize air quality in Stockholm

Cities suffer from air pollution, and Stockholm is no exception. Researchers at KTH are working to develop technology to show where in the city the air is the worst to breathe, so that pedestrians and...

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four women sitting at work table with tablet showing planning document
“What they delivered was creative and bold thinking, and they presented it in a very clear, pedagogical way," says Eskilstuna planning project manager Robert Gremalm. Left to right, Moa Holmqvist, Helin Celep, Shuming Rao and Moa Ribjer. (Photo: David Callahan)

Students advise city on its plans to reverse neighborhoods’ isolation

Social and physical segregation are two of the problems one Swedish city hopes to reverse with a little help from students at KTH.

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Pod taxis with low-cost sensors measuring the  temperature at Kungsholms Strand in Stockholm.
Stockholm Heat is one example of a smart city project that is being implemented within the parameters of Stockholm Senseable Lab. Researchers in the project are using a method, City Scanner, where low cost sensors that measure the ambient and ground temperature, are fitted to pod taxis. Photo: Susanne Kronholm

Ethics are important when working with smart cities

One key to achieve Stockholm’s vision of being the world’s smartest city by 2040, is the use of digitalisation, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI), to analyse huge volumes of data that are gener...

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