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The coronavirus in focus

A breadth of research at KTH is addressing the coronavirus, the viral disease COVID-19 and the pandemic’s effect on society. Students and employees at KTH have also taken action by developing tools and solutions to help with the medical response.

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“The beauty of that is, as with the covid vaccine, the mRNA has a transient effect,” says KTH Professor Per-Åke Nygren.

No end in sight for new uses of mRNA

By discovering a chemical tweak to mRNA, Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman made it possible to mass produce billions of Covid vaccines within a year. But the breakthroughs aren’t likely to end there. T...

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Illustration shows a mobile phone with an imagined app for monitoring one's personal carbon output
Personal carbon allowances would provide individuals with meaningful choices that link their actions with global carbon goals, the researchers say. (Illustration: courtesy of Francesco Fuso Nerini).

Pandemic and digitalization set stage for revival of a cast-off idea: personal carbon allowances

In a recent study, researchers from Sweden, UK and Israel say the time may be right for many industrialized nations to resurrect an idea once thought to be unfeasible: personal carbon allowances (PCAs...

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illustration of spike protein
The cocktail of metabolic activators were reported to reduce recovery time for Covid-19 patients.

Covid-19 patients recover faster with metabolic activator treatment, study shows

Metabolic activators can reduce recovery time by as many as 3.5 days in patients with mild-to-moderate Covid-19, according to a study published today in Advanced Science.

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