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Terms of use for KTH's social media accounts

KTH has several official social media accounts. This page lists the conditions and rules for all users' posts in KTH's social media channels. In addition to KTH's terms and conditions, specific terms of use may also apply to each account.

KTH want as many people as possible to feel included and welcome to contribute to the discussion. We strive for a constructive and balanced dialogue.

Rules for posts on social media

All posts made on KTH's social media channels, and direct messages sent to KTH via social media become public documents. We moderate all KTH's social media accounts, and KTH can choose not to respond to and delete mentions, comments or messages that don't comply with our rules for posts. Users who violate the rules may also be blocked.

Content not allowed in KTH's social media:

  • Gross swearing or insults.
  • Content that violates laws, confidentiality or copyright.
  • Posts of a commercial nature (advertising) or posts representing commercial or other third-party interests.
  • Irrelevant or offensive posts.
  • Links, images and videos without context.
  • GIFs.

The purpose of KTH's social media

The overall purpose of KTH's presence in social media is to provide a deeper insight into studies and research at KTH and KTH as a study and workplace. However, some social media may have more limited purposes described in connection with the account.


  • In connection with the social media account, it states who at KTH is responsible for the account. If you have questions about the individual account, you should address them to the respective responsible.
  • KTH is not responsible for the content of posts published by other users.
  • Users' posts should not be considered factual information from KTH and do not necessarily convey KTH's opinions.
  • Advertisements that may appear on and in connection with the account are not controlled by KTH and have no connection to KTH.
  • KTH is not responsible for personal data published by users other than KTH.

Contact us

For questions or comments regarding KTH's social media, contact:

For information about KTH's activities, we refer to KTH's website: