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Research infrastructures

Ensuring that KTH has well-functioning research infrastructures is vital for the joint effort to solve global challenges. A research infrastructure serves as a meeting place for academia, industry, and other actors in society who can exchange and develop competencies and create new synergies and collaborations. Research infrastructures also contribute to the formation of a new generation of competent future researchers.

Research infrastructures

Relevant and up-to-date infrastructure is of fundamental importance for excellent research. In order to conduct world-class research and education, KTH is dependent on strong, shared and long-term sustainable research infrastructures at the forefront of technology that are open to users and run by a professional leadership.

In the definition of research and innovation infrastructure, there is a wide range of activities including large national research labs to smaller labs, and advanced and expensive instruments.

In addition, KTH has testbeds used for research, education and innovation - many times in collaboration with companies and community. In most cases, KTH's research and innovation infrastructures have a vital collaboration with the surrounding community. Therefore, KTH offers other universities and business the opportunity to use equipment and instruments to help create sustainable national research infrastructures, innovations and benefits for society.

Optimizing high accessability and usability

Integration is necessary to finance investments in both infrastructure for education and research. For the research infrastructure, a joint inventory process is required, followed by overarching investments with the aim to ensure better utilisation and availability. Cooperation, with both strategic partners and with other universities, creates strong prerequisites for such initiatives.

KTH regularly assesses the need for its strategic research infrastructures to ensure that the investments are as efficient and broadly used as possible. In a growing number of technology areas, it is also necessary to collaborate on infrastructure in an international arena. KTH participates in the design and operation of a number of international research infrastructures and its researchers are dependent on being able to use international research infrastructures in their work.

In recent years, KTH has developed processes to ensure that research infrastructures of strategic importance to the university have long-term prerequisites. Therefore, KTH issues an annual call for proposals for central funding aimed at established research infrastructures for upgrades or purchases of new equipment. Assessments and discussions with the directors on quality improvements are conducted annually.


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