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General terms for use

Since 1 October 2022, Regulation (2022:1378) on fees for research infrastructure has been in effect. It grants universities the right to charge fees if the conditions specified in the regulation are met.

Research infrastructures that charge fees 

The research infrastructures listed are subject of the regulation, and fees for the use of these are charged in accordance with the current regulation. Visit each research infrastructure's website where they outline their specific criteria for fees:

  • Affinity Proteomics 
  • AlbaNova NanoLab (ANL) 
  • Autoimmunity and Serology Profiling 
  • Clinical Genomics 
  • Electrum Laboratory
  • Hultgren laboratory 
  • Human Antibody Therapeutics  
  • LaserLabs 
  • National Genomics Facility (NGI) 
  • Odqvist Laboratory
  • Center for High Performance Computing (PDC)
  • Protein Expression and Characterization 
  • Space technology laboratory
  • Spatial Proteomics 
  • Sustainable Power Lab (SPL) 
  • 2MiLab 

Conditions and criteria for fees

The right to charge fees for research infrastructure under the regulation applies when:

  • The research infrastructure is wholly or partially under the control of the university.
  • The university has established and documented criteria for access to the research infrastructure.
  • The research infrastructure is provided within the framework of the university's assignment.

KTH's president has decided to implement a new fee regulation at KTH, starting in 2024. The criteria to charge fees for research infrastructures are:

  • The research infrastructure is accessible to external users.
  • External users have easy access to the research infrastructure.
  • Any access requirements for usage is described.
  • Description of how priorities are determined in case of limited access.
  • Principles governing the determination of the fee amount for external usage.