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Doctoral programmes and subjects

Below is a list of the doctoral programmes at KTH, the subjects within the programmes and the responsible school.

School Doctoral programme Subject
Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE) Architecture


  Art, technology and design Art, technology and design (pdf 359 kB)
  Civil and architectural engineering Civil and architectural engineering (pdf 344 kB)
  Geodesy and geoinformatics

Geodesy and geoinformatics

  Studies in the humanities and social sciences of technology, science and environment History of science, technology and environment philosophy (pdf 301 kB)
    Philosophy (pdf 296 kB)
  Land and water resources engineering Land and water resources engineering
  Planning and decision analysis Planning and decision analysis
  The built environment and society: management, economics and law Business studies
    Real estate and construction
  Transport science Transport science (pdf 407 kB)

Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)

Biotechnology (pdf 152 kB)

Biotechnology (pdf 239 kB)

  Theoretical chemistry and biology Theoretical chemistry and biology
  Chemical science and engineering (pdf 181 kB) Chemistry
    Chemical engineering
    Fibre and Polymer Science
  Technology and health Technology and health
  Medical technology Medical technology

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Computer science Computer science (pdf 320 kB)
    Speech and music communication
  Mediated communication Media technology
    Human-computer interaction
  Electrical engineering Electrical engineering (pdf 378 kB)
  Information and communication technology Information and communication technology
Industrial engineering and management (ITM) Energy and environmental systems Energy technology (pdf 389 kB)
    Industrial ecology (ABE)
  Industrial economics and management Industrial engineering and management (pdf 351 kB)
    Economics (pdf 301 kB)
  Production engineering Production engineering (pdf 430 kB)
  Machine design Machine design (pdf 523 kB)
  Materials science and engineering Materials science and engineering (pdf 345 kB)
  Education and Communication Studies Technology and Learning (pdf 302 kB)
Engineering sciences (SCI) Aerospace engineering Aerospace engineering
  Physics (pdf 165 kB) Physics (pdf 312 kB)
    Biological physics
  Applied Physics (pdf 165 kB) Applied Physics (pdf 322 kB)
  Vehicle and maritime engineering Vehicle and maritime engineering
  Solid mechanics (pdf 186 kB) Solid mechanics (pdf 346 kB)
  Mathematics (pdf 163 kB) Mathematics (pdf 300 kB)
  Applied and computational mathematics (pdf 170 kB) Applied and computational mathematics (pdf 326 kB)
  Engineering mechanics (pdf 193 kB) Engineering mechanics (pdf 284 kB)