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WaterCentre meets KTH President

Published Dec 22, 2022
From left: Mikael Lindström, Zahra Kalantari, Kent Eriksson, Sabine Höhler, Vania Ceccato, Anders Söderholm

Anders Söderholm and Mikael Lindström, newly appointed President and Deputy President at KTH, visited the School of Architecture and the Built Environment on 19th December. Amongst the school’s research centres, Director Zahra Kalantari presented WaterCentre@KTH and its collaborative efforts within a vast array of KTH water research.

“It was a pleasure for me to meet the President and Deputy President of KTH", says Zahra Kalantari. "We discussed that there are numerous linkages between water and environmental and societal challenges. There are so many aspects of water that require an interdisciplinary approach, and necessitate transdisciplinary collaborations. WaterCenter brings together scientistic from all schools at KTH from different disciplines. The world needs a fundamental shift in how it understands, values and manages water. WaterCenter would like to be a part of that fundamental shift.”

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Last changed: Dec 22, 2022