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About WaterCentre@KTH

Water is everywhere in our economy, in nature and culture. Billions of years ago our planet had cooled down enough for the surrounding gas clouds to condense, fall down to Earth’s surface, and form the oceans. All this liquid water make us quite unique in the universe. But our blue gold is increasingly under pressure as water demand increases rapidly in the advancing global economy. Water is needed for food production, for energy uses, for industry, ecosystems and human consumption and much more, creating a complex web where issues are intimately linked. We must find ways of managing the finite resources in new ways, across political borders and regions, across sectors and knowledge disciplines. If water knows no boundary, so must we.

The WaterCentre@KTH started in 2017 to find ways of rising up to meet the world’s water challenges, today and tomorrow. The purpose of the Water Centre is to provide an innovation environment that bridges disciplines in new and unexpected ways. Our three missions are to:

Come and join us in the water!

Zahra Kalantari
Director of the WaterCentre@KTH
Associate Professor in Water & Environmental Engineering