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Production of sustainable and pure chemicals from waste-derived volatile fatty acids

PureVFA seeks to develop and demonstrate a waste-to-value strategy that will turn organic wastes into functional chemical products. The project will incorporate a fermentation process to produce a specific volatile fatty acid (VFA) as a new bio-based platform with separation and purification steps to obtain pure market-ready chemicals. In this hypothesis testing project, ammonium acetate will be the target chemical to be produced from the platform VFAs.


Vinnova, BioInnovation

Total budget

900 000 SEK

Project period

December 2022-May 2023



Project Coordinator

KTH Researchers

Frederico Marques Penha
Frederico Marques Penha
assistant professor +4687906412
Belongs to: WaterCentre@KTH
Last changed: Nov 17, 2022