Study year 2

Master's Program, Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment, 120 credits (TKEMM), Study programme for batch Autumn 12

According to the study programme these courses are part of study year 2.

Please note that application codes and periods are based on academic year Autumn 13/Spring 14. Reading this year on a later occasion, other application codes and periods may apply.

Courses for All Specialisations

Study year 2 consists of recommended courses and a mandatory degree project, second level, 30 higher education credits.
See the list below;
Degree Project in Chemical Engin. KE202X
Degree Project in Energy Processes KE203X
Degree Project in Analytical Chemistry KD202X
Degree Project in Physical Chemistry KD203X
Degree Project in Nuclear Chemistry KD204X
Degree Project in Inorganic Chemistry KD205X
Degree Project in Organic Chemistry KD206X
Degree Project in Surface Chemistry KD207X
Degree Project in Corrosion Science KD210X
Degree Project in Wood Chemistry KF201X
Degree Project in Paper Technology KF202X
Degree Project in Fiber Technology KF203X
Degree Project in Pulp Technology KF204X
Degree Project in Polymer Technology KF205X
Degree Project in Polymeric Materials KF206X
Degree Project in Surface Coating Tec. KF207X

Recommended Appl.code cr. Period
 1   2   3   4 
KD2380 Corrosion and Surface Protection 7.5 7.5
KD2420 Environmental Aspects of Atmospheric, Aquatic and Terrestrial Chemistry 7.5 7.5
KE2190 Experimental Process Design 6.0 6.0
KE2330 Sustainable Production of Pharmaceuticals
The course can only be read in conjunction with the course KE2190.
9.0 9.0
KF2470 Pulp and Paper Processes 7.5 7.5
EJ2410 Hybrid Vehicle Drives 7.5 7.5
KE2320 Process Design for Industry and Society 15.0 15.0