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Katarina Larsen interviewed in Guapi, Colombia

Katarina Larsen, researcher at the division, has recently been on a field trip to Colombia. While being in Guapi, a fishing town on the westcoast of the country, Katarina was interviewed by the Facultad de Minas de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia about the work of the Swedish delegation of the Econavipesca project (Sida funded) on-site. According to delegation member and KTH-student Gauri Salunkhe “The project aims to empower and uplift fishing communities in the municipality of Guapi by developing and implementing more sustainable artisanal fishing practices throughout the value chain.” Co-creation between locals and researchers as well as the role of women for change were prominent topics discussed both during the visit and in the interview.

Check out the interview here!


Profile picture of Katarina Larsen
Katarina Larsen

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