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Upcoming: Söderberg’s “Resistance to the Current”, 30 January

As part of the division’s Higher Seminar schedule for the upcoming spring term, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science at Göteborg University Johan Söderberg will present his new book “Resistance to the Current. The Dialectics of Hacking” (MIT Press, Nov. 2022). Together with his co-author Maxigas, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media at Amsterdam University, our visitor investigated four historical case studies of hacker movements and their role in shaping a connected 21st century society.

Please find the book description here.

If you want to read the book, it is available open access here.

Johan will visit us on 30 January, presenting at the higher seminar at 1.15-2.45pm, Stockholm time. The event is hosted in the seminar room at the division (Teknikringen 74 D, level 5). If you are interested, please come by and visit us!


Working as a doctoral student in the Nuclearwaters-Project (ERC Consolidator Grant, PI Per Högselius), I focus on the nuclear history of Eastern Europe, especially on the territory of the former Soviet Union and its successor states. Furthermore, I investigate expert cultures in nuclear discourses, with a special interest in water-related issues in nuclear power plant decision-making. In addition, I am intrigued by the entanglement of the commercial, scientific and political interests concerning nuclear technologies, with its sometimes harsh consequences on human societies and the environment. Recently this interest has extended to energy systems as a whole in Eastern Europe, including fossil fuels and renewables. Questions of transition within international energy systems in the face of the climate crisis and recent political developments become more important, as my work progresses.