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Open Access to Sport, Performance and Sustainability

Is the strive for increasing performance and an ever-growing sports sector compatible with sustainable development? This is the key issue that the authors investigates in a new book: Sport, Performance and Sustainability, edited by Daniel Svensson, Erik Backman, Susanna Hedenborg and the Division’s Sverker Sörlin. Sport, Performance and Sustainability examines the logic of “faster higher, and … Continue reading “Open Access to Sport, Performance and Sustainability”

Upcoming: Söderberg’s “Resistance to the Current”, 30 January

As part of the division’s Higher Seminar schedule for the upcoming spring term, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science at Göteborg University Johan Söderberg will present his new book “Resistance to the Current. The Dialectics of Hacking” (MIT Press, Nov. 2022). Together with his co-author Maxigas, Senior Lecturer in … Continue reading “Upcoming: Söderberg’s “Resistance to the Current”, 30 January”