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This blog highlights the contributions made by a group of faculty, researchers, and doctoral students working on Networked Systems aspects. For open positions, please consult our Projects.

NetConfEval accepted at CoNEXT 2024

Can Large Language Models facilitate network configuration? In our recently accepted CoNEXT 2024 paper, we investigate the opportunities and challenges in operating network systems using recent LLM models.

We devise a benchmark for evaluating the capabilities of different LLM models on a variety of networking tasks and show different ways of integrating such models within existing systems. Our results show that different models works better in different tasks. Translating high-level human-language requirements into formal specifications (e.g., API function calling) can be done with small models. However, generating code that controls network systems is only doable with larger LLMs, such as GPT4.

This is a first fundamental first step in our SEMLA project looking at ways to integrate LLMs into system development.

GitHub code: link

Hugging Face: link

Paper PDF: link


Massimo Girondi’s Licentiate Defense

We are happy to announce that Massimo Girondi successfully defended his licentiate thesis (licentiate is a degree at KTH half-way to a PhD)! Marco Chiesa  has done an excellent job as a co-advisor and as is customary we are very grateful to Prof. Gerald Q. Maguire Jr. for his key insights. Giuseppe Siracusano was a superb opponent at the licentiate seminar, with Amir Payberah as the examiner. Massimo’s thesis is available online:

“Toward Highly-efficient GPU-centric Networking”

A few shots from the celebration are below.

Group shot of Networked Systems Laboratory members (Massimo is beneath the KTH logo). Image taken by Voravit Tanyingyong

Dejan highlighting Massimo’s work (image taken by Marco Spanghero)

Best paper at ACM CoNEXT 2023

We are hugely honored that our “Millions of Low-Latency Insertions on ASIC switches” paper received the Best Paper Award at ACM CoNEXT 2023! More details are available in our earlier post.

From left to right: Tommaso Caiazzi, Mariano Scazzariello, Marco Chiesa, Olivier Bonaventure (TPC co-chair)

KTH Ceremony on November 17, 2023

We were once again at the ceremony at which KTH is officially awarding doctoral degrees. This time it was Alireza Farshin’s time, and we used the beautiful Stockholm City Hall to recreate our favorite hallway shot!

Dejan is congratulating Alireza on his officially received PhD degree from KTH. Image taken by Ana Kostic