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This blog highlights the contributions made by a group of faculty, researchers, and doctoral students working on Networked Systems aspects. For open positions, please consult our Projects.

Alexandros’ licentiate defense

Congratulations to Alexandros for defending his licentiate thesis titled “Understanding the Capabilities of Route Collectors to Observe Stealthy Hijacks”! The supervisors are Marco Chiesa and Dejan Kostic. Thanks to the advanced reviewer Prof. Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., the special reviewer Prof. Alberto Dainotti, and the examiner Prof. Roberto Guanciale for their thorough work.

You can find more about Alexandros’ work by reading this thesis here.

From left to right: Roberto Guanciale, Alexandros Milolidakis, and Marco Chiesa.

Waleed Reda’s PhD Defense

We are happy to announce that on May 30, 2022 Waleed Reda successfully defended his PhD thesis at both KTH and UC Louvain!  Marco Canini equally co-advised Waleed with Dejan Kostic in the beginning, and by defense time Waleed’s advisors were Dejan Kostic and Marco Chiesa at KTH, and Peter van Roy at UC Louvain. Adam Morrison was a superb opponent at the defense. Waleed’s thesis (the first to come in Dejan Kostic’s ERC ULTRA project) is available online:

Accelerating Distributed Storage in Heterogeneous Settings

Here’s the Zoom screenshot from this hybrid defense:

Amir Roozbeh’s PhD Defense

We are happy to announce that Amir Roozbeh successfully defended his PhD thesis! Prof. Gerald Q. Maguire Jr. has as usual done a stellar job as a co-advisor. Prof. Jonathan M. Smith was a superb opponent at the defense seminar. Amir’s thesis is available online:

Realizing Next-Generation Data Centers via Software-Defined “Hardware” Infrastructures and Resource Disaggregation: Exploiting your cache

This is the second year in which we couldn’t take the obligatory hallway shot, so here is the fake gift giving over Zoom!

Two newly funded projects from Vetenskaprådet (VR, Swedish Research Council)

Two project proposals led by Marco Chiesa and Dejan Kostić have recently been funded by Vetenskaprådet (VR, Swedish Research Council in English).

The first project is a Starting Grant with a single PI (Marco Chiesa), titled “ResoNet: Resilient Optimized Network Synthesis”, and funded with 4M SEK and running between 2022 and 2025. The project aims at developing new network synthesis methods that guarantee performance and robustness requirements.

The second project is a Project Grant with Dejan Kostić as PI, titled “Scalable Federated Learning”, and funded with 3.8M SEK. This project is a collaboration with three more co-PIs: Magnus Boman (KTH), Marco Chiesa (KTH), and Sabine Koch (KI). The project will allow our group to explore a new research direction and, more specifically, we aim to develop a highly scalable, flexible, extensible, distributed federated machine learning approach that can directly benefit public health and wellness.

See a list of all funded VR projects here.