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These are our projects, in reverse chronological order of their starting date.

  • ResoNet is Marco Chiesa’s VR starting grant. We aim at developing new network synthesis methods that guarantee performance and robustness requirements. Funding 4M SEK between 2022 and 2025.
  • The Scalable Federated Learning project aims to develop a highly scalable, flexible, extensible, distributed federated machine learning approach that can directly benefit public health and wellness. The PI is Dejan Kostić and the other co-PIs are Magnus Boman (KTK), Marco Chiesa (KTH), and Sabine Koch (KI). Funding: 3.8M SEK between 2022 and 2025.
  • The “Knowledge Distribution Networks” project aims at building collaborative learning networks at edge devices through knowledge transfer. This project is a collaboration with Prof. Canini (KAUST) and Dr. Sayed (QMUL). Funding: approx. 1M SEK between 2022 and 2024. Co-PI: Marco Chiesa.
  • Thwarting network cyberattacks is a critical yet complex problem. In the EMERGENCE project, we aim at designing, implementing, and deploying an ML framework tailored for high-speed real-time network cybersecurity applications. The project is led by Marco Chiesa and it is supported by KTH Digital Futures with 2MSEK (~200K EUR). It is a joint project with RISE.
  • ULTRA is Dejan Kostic’s 2018-2023 ERC Consolidator Project. In this 2-Million EUR project we want to dramatically change the way Internet Services are constructed and ultimately produce ultra low latency services that run at the speed of the native hardware.
  • A major focus area for our group is on Time-Critical Clouds, a 2016-2022 project supported by SSF (the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research) with 27 M SEK (~2.7 M EUR). This is a joint effort with RISE. In this project we want to provide bounded delay access to a geo-distributed Internet services.

Past projects:

  • We have concluded the work on the Dejan Kostic’s PROPHET ERC Starting Grant project (2010-2016), in which we aimed to dramatically change the way networked systems are developed and deployed.
  • We have concluded the SE-CAID project, which aimed at deploying a national telecom and digitalization data lab that for sharing  telecom data and AI models. The project was supported by Vinnova with 4.5MSEK (~450K EUR) and it was a joint project with RISE (PI), Lund University, Ericsson, STOKAB. Contact Marco Chiesa for more information.