Second meeting with the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

On November 22, 2019 we had our second meeting with the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). Present for part or most of the day were:

  • Azimeh Sefidcon and Björn Skubic, Ericsson
  • Ulrik Janusson, Scania
  • Shahryar Khan, Telia

We presented our status, published work, and short- and long-term plans. The IAB feedback was positive, and we are very excited to explore further ways our work can be of use to the Swedish industry!

Below are the images from the poster session held at RISE:

SSF TCC members and collaborating students: from the left: Waleed Reda (PhD student at KTH), Shaoteng Liu (researcher at RISE), Alexandros Milolidakis (PhD student at KTH), Rebecca Steinert (group leader at RISE), Dejan Kostic (Professor at KTH), Akhila Rao (Industrial PhD student at RISE), Alireza Farshin (PhD student at KTH), Natalia Vesselinova (researcher at RISE), and Daniel Felipe Perez Ramirez (research engineer at RISE).
Rebecca presents the overview of the work at RISE
The car from the 2018 demo in front of the RISE poster. The car was controlled through the testbed that integrated all the work in this project




Waleed explains the work on Kurma [SOCC ’18]
Akhila talks about her Software Defined Radio (SDR)-powered testbed measurements (parts of it in the foreground)
Shaoteng explains the work on deploying distributed control planes
Natalia talks more about the distributed control plane
Daniel presents a demo of the distributed control plane
Alireza talks about the CacheDirector work that was patented with Ericsson
Alexandros describes the work on detecting IP prefix hijacking



KTH Inauguration on November 15, 2019

Yesterday was a superb day for us, with the KTH graduation taking place at the Stockholm’s concert hall, followed by the banquet at the Stockholm City Hall. Kirill and Georgios received their PhD degrees, and here is how we looked!

From the left: Georgios Katsikas, Dejan Kostic, and Kirill Bogdanov


Alireza Farshin’s Licentiate Defense

We are happy to announce that Alireza Farshin successfully defended his licentiate thesis (licentiate is a degree at KTH half-way to a PhD)! We are once again very grateful to Prof. Gerald Q. Maguire Jr. for a fantastic co-advising job. Prof. Babak Falsafi was a superb opponent at the licentiate seminar. Alireza’s thesis is available online:

Realizing Low-Latency Internet Services via Low-Level Optimization of NFV Service Chains: Every nanosecond counts!

Dejan handing Alireza the traditional licentiate degree gift at KTH (image credit: Marco Chiesa).


Alireza Farshin (front, right) with his doctoral advisors (behind, left: Dejan Kostic, behind, right: Gerald Q. Maguire, Jr.). Front left is Prof. Babak Falsafi, the opponent at the licentiate seminar (image credit: Marco Chiesa).