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Our ASPLOS ’21 Paper: “PacketMill: Toward Per-Core 100-Gbps Networking”

ASPLOS ’21 will feature Alireza’s presentation of our paper titled “PacketMill: Toward Per-Core 100-Gbps Networking”. This is joint work with Alireza Farshin, Tom Barbette, Amir Roozbeh, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr., and Dejan Kostić.

The full abstract (with the video and more resources below):

We present PacketMill , a system for optimizing software packet processing, which (i) introduces a new model to effjciently manage packet metadata and (ii) employs code-optimization techniques to better utilize commodity hardware. PacketMill grinds the whole packet processing stack, from the high-level network function confjguration fjle to the low-level userspace network (specifjcally DPDK) drivers, to mitigate ineffjciencies and produce a customized binary for a given network function. Our evaluation results show that PacketMill increases throughput (up to 36.4Gbps – 70%) & reduces latency (up to 101µs – 28%) and enables nontrivial packet processing (e.g., router) at ≈100Gbps , when new packets arrive > 10 × faster than main memory access times, while using only one processing core

PacketMill Webpage:

PacketMill Paper:
PacketMill source code:
PacketMill Slides with English transcripts: