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Mutual respect in change

Woman in googles and midlong hair.
Charlotta Andersson Lund, Head of the Property Department.

Have you been affected by the new pandemic? The meeting pandemic at KTH. I meet colleagues at meetings every day, but it is during the breaks at the toilet queue and at the coffee machine that we have time to chat. During these necessary breaks, almost everyone realises that there is a lot going on at KTH at the same time.

There are many change projects going on in parallel. The merger of the University Administration is one of these long-term projects that started in 2022 and will last until 2026.

A major change that affects and will affect us is the programme for the relocation of operations in Kista and Södertälje. The Property Department participates in the programme group and in programme support. It is part of the property department’s responsibility to plan and ensure the implementation of construction projects, such as tenant adaptations and adaptations to the physical work environment of the university’s premises.  The Property Department works with the aim of creating well-functioning premises adapted to the activities.

When changing a facility and its utilisation in order to improve efficiency, it is important to implement it according to established processes. For example, to consider what our priorities are. Is it time, quality or finances? Good planning can save resources and avoid late programme changes, which are often costly.

To lead in change is to understand the processes going on in each of us. To achieve a safe, trusting and permissive work environment, we need to understand each other’s mission. Be curious about each other’s knowledge and have faith in each other’s abilities. I often encounter this when I stop at the coffee machine and get a much-needed break.

Charlotta Andersson Lund, Head of the Property Department