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Mission launched into magnetosphere

Just a few hours before last night’s Magnetospheric Multiscale launch at Cape Canaveral, Per-Arne Lindqvist reported: “Keeping all fingers crossed.” Lindqvist, a space and plasma physics research scientist at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and his colleague, Professor Göran Marklund, were on their way to a reception for MMS mission scientists, engineers and managers, and their families, … Continue reading “Mission launched into magnetosphere”

Inside a major NASA mission, with two Swedish physicists

There aren’t many people from Sweden who get to do what Göran Marklund and Per-Arne Lindqvist are doing this week. Actually, I doubt there are any. The two Swedish space and plasma physics scientists are in Florida, holed up in scientific meetings with their colleagues on a 1-billion dollar NASA mission. By Thursday night in … Continue reading “Inside a major NASA mission, with two Swedish physicists”

Frugal and flexible — innovation with limited means

The Indians call it “jugaad”. “It’s the art of overcoming harsh restrains by producing a good enough solution with limited resources,” says Jaideep Prabhu, professor of Marketing and the Jawaharial Nehru Professor of Indian Business at Judge Business School, Cambridge University. Addressing the OpenLab opening event this afternoon, Prabhu explained how working with limited means … Continue reading “Frugal and flexible — innovation with limited means”

Getting out of the silos

“When you distribute the burden, everyone becomes more creative, and more open,”says Uli Weinberg, the director of the School of Design Thinking at Hasso-Plattner-Institute, who just made a solid case for interdisciplinary teamwork here at OpenLab. As individuals, we’re limited to what we can accomplish in problem-solving, he says. Programs like D-School at HPI are aiming … Continue reading “Getting out of the silos”

Meet us at OpenLab opening tomorrow

Stockholm is an old town, but in the new millennium it is having growing pains. The city and regional governments have started a partnership with local universities to address complex social issues in this region. It’s called OpenLab and it has an official opening tomorrow at its new home, Valhallavägen 79. Tomorrow we’ll kick off … Continue reading “Meet us at OpenLab opening tomorrow”