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From the US Southwest to Belgium, from botanical collections to metal shortages to Swedish satellites - the following persons did their doctoral studies and defended their thesis at the EHL


Dr Jesse Peterson

Title: Excessive Seas: Waste Ecologies of Eutrophication


Dr Daniele Valisena

Title: Coal Lives: Italians and the Metabolism of Coal in Wallonia, Belgium, 1945-1980


Dr Johan Gärdebo

Title: Environing Technology - Swedish Satellite Remote Sensing in the Making of Environment 1969-2001


Dr Hanna Vikström

Title: The Specter of Scarcity: Experiencing and Coping with Metal Shortages, 1870-2015


Dr Anna Svensson

Title: A Utopian Quest for Universal Knowledge - Diachronic Histories of Botanical Collections between the Sisteenth Century and the Present


Dr Maria Isabel Perez Ramos 

Title: A Quest For Environmental Sovereginty - Chicana/o Literary Experiences of Water (Mis)Management and Environmental Degradation in the U.S.Southwest