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Environmental Humanities Laboratory

Applying humanities and social science methods and theories to questions of environment, nature and climate and their representations in society and culture.

EHL News

First Stockholm Archipelago Lecture on-site since 2019- given by Michelle Bastian on 7th December

The Stockholm Archipelago Lectures are part of the public activities of the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory and have been since David Lowenthal gave the inspiring inaugural lectures in 2012, t...

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“How sustainable is the Green Transition in Northern Sweden?: Past visions and future prospects”

New seminar series Advancing Sustainability in the Arctic and Beyond launched with a lecture by Prof. Sverker Sörlin

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Linnaeus Prize awarded to Division Professor Sverker Sörlin

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Latest Publications

S. Sörlin,
" David Lowenthal’s Archipelagic Landscape of Learning ," in David Lowenthal’s Archipelagic and Transatlantic Landscapes : His Public and Scholarly Heritage, Kenneth R. Olwig Ed., Abingdon, Oxon & New York : Routledge, 2023, pp. 84-95.

N. Wormbs and M. Wolrath Söderberg,
" Thinking structures of climate delay: internal deliberations among Swedes with sustainable ambitions ," Environment, Development and Sustainability, 2023.

E. Fornale, M. Armiero and L. Odasso,
" Trust in disaster resilience ," Disaster Prevention and Management, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 253-267, 2023.

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