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Environmental Humanities Laboratory

Applying humanities and social science methods and theories to questions of environment, nature and climate and their representations in society and culture.

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Sport, Performance and Sustainability - Available now

Is the strive for increasing performance and an ever-growing sports sector compatible with sustainable development? This is the key issue that the authors investigates in a new book: Sport, Performanc...

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Upcoming Summer School: Multiple Lives of Subsurface in Decarbonization

The political geology/ecology of the subterranean in energy transition

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New PhD Course: The Rise of Global Environmental Governance, 1940s to 2020s

This new PhD course focus on research on the rise and development of global environmental governance since 1945. Starting on March 30, the students will be introduced to the concept of governance and ...

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Latest Publications

Solar technology and global environmental justice: The vision and the reality
Routledge, 2023
Author: Andreas Roos

Global asymmetries in the rise of solar power: An LCA-based account of ecologically unequal exchange between Germany and China 2002–2018
In: Ecological Economics, ISSN 0921-8009, E-ISSN 1873-6106, Vol. 199, article id 107484, 2022
Author: Andreas Roos, KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory

Out of steam?: A social science and humanities research agenda for geothermal energy
In: Energy Research & Social Science, ISSN 2214-6296, E-ISSN 2214-6326, Vol. 92, article id 102801, 2022
Authors: Rozanne C. Spijkerboer , Ethemcan Turhan, Andreas Roos, KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Marco Billi  

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