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Adam Wickberg

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Adam Wickberg is a researcher in the History of media and  environment and a visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin (2020-2022). His research focuses on media and environment from the 16th to the 21st century. From 2021 he works with the project The Mediated Planet: Claiming Data for Environmental SDGs, which explores the global environment as emerging through environmental data and asks how data gathering practices, data access and data ownership shape environmental perception and politics. The project is funded by Formas. In this context, Wickberg is particularly focusing on the development of AI systems building on environmental data.

His postdoctoral project  (2018-2022) Plus Ultra concerns the Early Modern media history of the Anthropocene, where he traces the global changes of long distance governing of nature brought about by early Spanish colonialism. This project studies the human-nature relationship of Iberian colonial history using the critical aspects of media and anthropogenic altering of natural habitats as a material and discursive practice. The bureaucratic use of paper – documents, files, maps, surveys, orders – as a form of governance of nature over great distances is a focal point of the study. He is currently working on a book project titled Colonial Elements: Oceanic Media and Wet Globalization. The book is an exploration of how the Spanish colonial enterprise, that for the first time constructed transoceanic global networks, grew out of a specific understanding of and interaction with the elements of water, air and earth. It recounts and analyzes how these oceans became global from the perspective of the sea rather than land, attempting a shift from terrestrial to oceanic or terraqueous modes of historical inquiry, thus contributing to the emerging field of Ocean humanities. 


Environmental Humanities Lab (KTH)

Posthumanities Hub (KTH)

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

European Society for Environmental History - Nextgate cohort

Rutters: Making the Earth Global (University of Lisbon)