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Crosscuts Film Festival

Crosscuts is a recurring environmental humanities festival for documentary film and debate created by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory. With this festival, we want to bring together storytelling, filmmaking, and research and offer the audience a journey around the world. Through film, poetry and conversations between leading researchers, filmmakers and activists, we approach current topics such as climate change, global resource extraction, gentrification and activism.

The Festival

With this festival, we want to show that research does not always take the form of written text, but can also be a visual experience. In this way, we want to reach out with the research conducted at EHL and at the same time build bridges to the other research projects at the Division and the ABE School.

Crosscut comes across as a cutting-edge bridge between academia, the art world, and the public sphere. This is eminently in line with KTH’s best traditions; the school’s motto famously brings together science and art.  

Jan Olsson, Professor of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University