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KTH Future Humanities

The "KTH Future Humanities Initiative", led by Sverker Sörlin, launches a research based educational and outreach effort, to assist climate transformation and sustainable development during the Agenda 2030 decade.


The focus of the project is on interactive circulation and application of new integrative and relevant humanities knowledge that now exists on climate, environment and sustainability -- and on applying it to promote social progress and innovation. The initiative seeks to engage professional groups, especially new generations of engineering and architecture students that play key roles in societal transformations, and involve them in educational efforts. A new Master Program will also be developed. A special mission is to work with outreach organizations and institutions to introduce transformative humanities knowledge to the wider society. Total budget, including KTH co-funding, is SEK 18.6 million.

Project start: July 1, 2023

Funding agency: Marcus & Amalia Wallenberg Foundation