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EHL Professor Represented when Nature Revealed Research Papers that Policy Documents Cite Most

KTH Library
Published Apr 22, 2024

In April, the journal Nature presented an exclusive analysis, that shows that economics and interdisciplinary teams get the most attention of policymakers. Professor of environmental history, Sverker Sörlin, collaborated on two of the most cited interdisciplinary publications that made it to the top ten in Nature

- This shows that broad interdisciplinary groups collaborating on important issues can have a significant impact, Sverker Sörlin says.

Sörlin co-authored the article A safe operating space for humanity  in Nature in 2009 and Planetary boundaries: Guiding human development on a changing planet  in Science in 2015, alongside other prominent environmental and natural scientists as well as historians from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, and the USA.

Find the article and the full lists of papers here: Revealed: the ten research papers that policy documents cite most