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Retrieve existing or create a new eduroam network secret

As a student or employee of KTH you have access to the worldwide eduroam WiFi network. It is the main method of wireless access to the networks of KTH.
In order to use eduroam you need a personal network secret. This is how you get it.

Connect to eduroam

Follow this quick reference guide to connect to eduroam:

eduroam at KTH

Retrieving your eduroam network secret

Please watch the instruction video showing how to retreive your eduroam Wifi password (network secret), or scroll down to see textual instuctions:

Retrieve your network secret here

If you are on a KTH campus and have no network access use this guide

  1. Turn on your device’s Wi-Fi and connect to KTHOPEN.

  2. Once you have selected KTHOPEN a browser will open automatically (if you have an older model open a new tab on your browser). Follow the instructions for “To login” and go to “click here” to view your network secret, as shown in the picture below.
    PLEASE NOTE: KTHOPEN is not encrypted and your network traffic can be seen by others, the network should therefore only be used to retrieve your initial eduroam network secret.

    Picture of how to connect to KTHOPEN.
  3. Click on the link called ”Show my network secret” to view your password for eduroam. 
    Picture of how to get the network secret.
  4. Fill in your KTH.SE credentials and click on “Log in”. 
    Picture of how to login at KTH.
  5. You will now be shown your network secret and are able to access eduroam.
    Picture of getting the network secret.
  6. Now disconnect from the KTH-OPEN network and connect to eduroam wifi network. When asked, enter the credentials with username as and the network secret as the "password".

    NOTE! You should never use the KTH-OPEN network apart from getting your network secret. This network is unencrypted!

Creating a new network secret

  1. Click on Retrieve your network secret here
  2. Click on "here" to generate a new network secret.
    screenshot: Click on "here" to generate a new network secret
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Last changed: Jun 21, 2023