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Bike62 project: 3 Ways to make composite materials more sustainable

On 23 August, Professor Larry Lessard from McGill University, Montreal, is visiting KTH to present his recent research on the topic of recycling and sustainability. He will also discuss his latest project Bike62, a 400 days long around-the-world bike trip to help promote ways to rethink and reuse composite materials.

Time: Tue 2022-08-23 14.15

Location: Room Hugin and Munin, Teknikringen 8

Language: English

Participating: Professor Larry Lessard

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During his visit at KTH, Professor Lessard will discuss three ways to make composite materials more sustainible including a solution for replacing endangered wood, a recyling method for waste fibreglass from wind turbines and a way to reduce garbage to make low-cost composites.

Learn more and follow Professor Lessard's bike trip here: