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Lunch seminar on studies abroad in Latin America

Are you interested in going to Latin America for part of your studies? With this lunch seminar, KTH wants to give you basic and practical information on security, language and possibilities to study or do your thesis work in Latin America.

Time: Wed 2021-12-08 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Zoom

Language: English

Lecturer: Hans Lundin & Magnus Lindqvist, KTH International Relations Office

Focus Latin America

Are you interested in going to Latin America as part of your studies? Latin America is a large and diverse cultural region. From a broader thematic perspective Latin America spans a broad range of topics related to both conflict and poverty challenges, and high-tech industrial performance, R&D development and cutting edge research.

KTH offers you the opportunity to study one or two semesters at one of our well-recognised partner universities in the region. We also have a broad network and experience of research and thesis work within industry, academia and public agencies in that continent. Meet KTH Staff with great knowledge of Latin America and former KTH students that have done MFS studies and studied as exchange students. Some topics and questions covered:

How about

  • the language, do I need to speak Spanish?
  • security, is it safe to go there?
  • our partner universities?
  • ideas and inspiration for thesis work?