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Policy, objectives and action plan

KTH shall contribute to sustainable development through its education programmes and research as well as through collaboration with the surrounding society. Through its activities, KTH also has a tangible impact on the environment through the university's consumption of materials and water, energy and chemical use, travel and transport, and construction, as well as indirectly through purchasing and procurement activities.

KTH's Policy for Sustainable Development

KTH shall be a leading technical university in sustainable development and actively and responsibly contribute to sustainable development through its education programmes, research and collaboration. Furthermore, KTH shall strive to minimise the environmental impact of its activities and to promote social responsibility.

KTH's policy for sustainable development (KTH Intranet)

Objectives and action plan

KTH decides on new university-wide sustainability objectives climate objectives for 2021-2045 The overall objectives are divided into sub-goals and a university-wide action plan.

University-wide sustainability objectives for 2021-2025 and climate objectives for 2021-2045 (KTH Intranet)