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About the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory (EHL)

The overall goal of the EHL is to shape a post-disciplinary intellectual environment that combines education, research and graduate training in innovative ways and sets knowledge in the humanities into action to favour sustainable development. The educational programme aims to train a new generation of historians and others to become capable, integrated environmental humanists.


The environmental humanities is one of the most dynamic fields in the human sciences. Their dynamism and energy are derived from the increasing demand on human and social knowledge to meet global challenges. The environmental humanities are characterised by a hybrid nature, combining skills, methods, and theories from several humanities disciplines – historical, aesthetic, visual, anthropological, etc. – with problems and issues of high relevance for society and informed by science and technology. The field applies humanities and social science methods and theories to questions of environment, nature and climate and their representations in society and culture.

Since the start in early 2012, the Environmental Humanities Laboratory (EHL) has been leading in its field - humanistic knowledge of the environment and climate. Our mission is to develop knowledge and collaboration around societal challenges in the spirit of the global sustainability goals. Social transformation - readjustment -- is EHL's expertise and focus is on climate change, migration, justice and just change, urban challenges, natural resources, policy and environmental governance.

From January 1st, 2023, the EHL has been updated to a KTH Centre. The work in the EHL will continue to organically follow from previous work conducted in the Division on environment, energy, media, and technologies. The Centre is a global hub with a strong Swedish presence for research supporting just transition toward sustainability, and fostering partnership with civil society organizations, public and private institutions, enterprises, and other relevant actors.

The EHL mosaic, visualy showing the link between the EHL and activities (in yellow), stakeholders (in pink), themes (in green) and education (in blue).

Complete list of guests visiting both the Division and the EHL

Crosscuts 2022
Crosscuts 2022
The EHL in Småland, Sweden. 2016
Occupy Climate Change event in 2020
Undisciplined Environments Conference poster 2016
The first EHL Logo. Graphics by Jesse Peterson