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SUNRISE Mid-term Report


Read the Mid-term Report (pdf 3.1 MB)

The SUNRISE centre, established in 2021, is dedicated to preparing for the construction and operation of a Swedish lead-cooled research reactor scheduled start date in 2030. Although the work within SUNRISE itself will not lead to licensing and construction, it is a crucial part of a broader research and development program with substantial commercial impact potential. Collaborating with three universities (KTH, Uppsala, and Luleå) and various industrial stakeholders, the centre operates through five work packages aimed at advancing lead-cooled fast reactor technology in Sweden. Noteworthy achievements include four peer-reviewed publications, the recruitment of 45 individuals (19 seniors and 26 juniors), and successful funding acquisition for the program's second stage through the Solstice project and access to neutron beam facilities at ANSTO in Australia. The centre has also garnered additional funding for local research infrastructure, surpassing the initial SSF award. Impressively, SUNRISE has made a significant societal impact, featuring in numerous popular scientific appearances, including television and radio interviews, news articles, podcasts, a museum exhibition, and a highly successful YouTube channel operated by a SUNRISE PhD student. The centre's visibility and contributions extend beyond academic realms, marking it as a prominent player in both research and public engagement.

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Last changed: Jun 05, 2024