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SUNRISE Participants

The members of SUNRISE have extensive experience of developing lead-cooled reactor technology and advanced steels and materials.

Group picture of the members of the SUNRISE project, posing in Reaktorhallen at KTH.
Group picture of the members of the SUNRISE project, posing in Reaktorhallen at KTH.

The SUNRISE project began in January 2021 and has since evolved thanks to the dedication and hard work of many excelent researchers who have provided invaluable contributions to the development of the project. This section introduces the current members of the project along with their respective Work Packages (WP), which can be explored in the detailed Work Plan . It is also a tribute to past SUNRISE members who, while no longer active in the project, have contributed significantly to its advancement.

Current Members of SUNRISE

WP1: Design and safety analysis of a lead-cooled research reactor

Anders Blennermark


Sara Bortot

Researcher, KTH

WP2: Development and modelling of advanced steels

Pär Olsson

Professor, KTH

Björn Bosbach


Peter Kristian Mikael Szakalos

Researcher, KTH

Max Persson

Research engineer, KTH

Christopher Petersson

Doctoral student, KTH

Qiuguo Yang

Doctoral student, KTH

Ebrahim Mansouri

Doctoral student, KTH

WP3: Development and testing of novel materials, coatings and manufacturing techniques

WP4: Nuclear fuel development

Malin Selleby

Professor, KTH

Yulia Mishchenko

Postdoc, KTH

Mikael Jolkkonen

Researcher, KTH

Maria Giamouridou

Doctoral student, KTH

Elina Charatsidou

Doctoral student, KTH

Faris Sweidan

Postdoc, KTH

WP5: Experimental testing of LFR components

Pavel Kudinov

Associate professor, KTH

Sumathi Vasudevan

Postdoc, KTH

Dmitry Grishchenko

Researcher, KTH

Kin Wing Wong

Doctoral student, KTH

Haipeng Li

Researcher, KTH

Ignas Mickus

Postdoc, KTH

Former Members of SUNRISE

  • Robin Andersson
  • Alessandro Persico (WP1) - KTH
  • Alejandria Perez (WP1) - KTH
  • Gabriela Lapinska (WP4) - KTH
  • Sarmad Naim Katea
  • Eloi Pallares Abril (WP1) - KTH
  • Guillem Sanchis Ramirez (WP1) - KTH
  • Hadi Torkamani
  • Udyanth Vadiya
  • Guan Wang
  • Sarmad Naim Katea
  • Didier Bathellier (WP2) - KTH
  • Daniel Karlsson
  • Sobhan Patnaik
  • Serena Ambrosino (WP4) - KTH
  • Denise Adorno Lopes (WP4) - Westinghouse/KTH

At KTH the following units are contributing to the project:

At Luleå University of Technology the following units are contributing to the project:

At Uppsala University the following unit is contributing to the project:

Stakeholder group

The following industrial companies, nuclear regulators, municipalities, and universities from abroad, constitute the stakeholder group of SUNRISE, providing in-kind contributions to the project.

  • Uniper
  • Westinghouse
  • Alleima/Kanthal
  • Outukumpu
  • Jernkontoret
  • Safetech
  • SSM
  • Oskarshamns kommun
  • University of New South Wales, AUS
  • Bangor University, UK
  • MIT, USA