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Fredrik Dehlin

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Can nuclear energy help with providing our society with the immense amount of clean, green and reliable energy it requires to transition to a carbon free energy future? I strongly believe it can – and therefore I’m pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Engineering within the Sustainable Nuclear energy Research in SwEden (SUNRISE) project.

My research constitutes design and safety analysis of the lead-cooled research and demonstration reactor SUNRISE-LFR. I predominantly work with simulation and modelling of the reactor core by using tools such as the Monte Carlo code Serpent2 for neutronic calculations, and the in-house developed safety analysis code BELLA to evaluate the reactor’s behavior during different accident scenarios. In addition to what has already been mentioned my work also consists of evaluating neutron activation of components, developing operation strategies and performing severe accident analyses combined nuclide dispersion assessments. In a sense, my work touch upon almost anything that is related to the core and reactor design.

I completed my Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering at KTH in June 2019 and began my PhD studies in November 2020. I have thus far published one journal article about the analytic approach used to design SUNRISE-LFR and it can be found here. I can easily be reached over e-mail at , and I’m more than happy to answer any questions about nuclear power in general or our lead-cooled reactor in particular, or to discuss potential professional collaborations.


Applied Modern Physics (SH1015), teacher, assistant | Course web

Generation IV Reactors (SH2613), assistant, teacher | Course web

Small Reactors (SH2611), assistant, teacher | Course web

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