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Researchers' portraits

Meet a Water Researcher

Science is multifaceted and interesting – and so are people. In this portrait series you will meet some of the water researchers at KTH and learn how they have navigated in their science and what made them set sail on their voyage for knowledge in the first place.

Professor Andrew Martin - researcher and a conductor of vital research collaborations.

Andrew Martin full interview

Elzbieta Plaza

Meet Elzbieta Plaza - a professor passionate for education and research alike.

Elzbieta Plaza full interview

Associate Professor Luigia Brandimarte

Get a glimpse into Associate Professor Luigia Brandimartes barrier breaking world of hydrology and circus.

Luigia Brandimarte full interview

Assistant Professor Maria Cuartero

Meet Assistant Professor Maria Cuartero - a daring chemist with a knack for challenges.

Maria Cuartero full interview

Professor Emeritus Bo Olofsson

Pleased to introduce Professor Emeritus, Bo Olofsson, a man with a philanthropic passion for science.

Bo Olofsson full interview

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Last changed: Oct 31, 2022