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Electrum Laboratory, Kista

The Electrum building in Kista, with laboratories and offices was inaugurated in 1987. The idea even then was to build an environment for innovation, research, teaching, development and small-scale production.

With world-class laboratories, one would attract leading research groups capable of creating ground-breaking research results that would lead to the development of new products and pave the way for new companies.

Some 30 years later, it can be stated that the idea has proven to be a huge success. Today, the Electrum laboratory is a hub for research, innovations and education. World-leading research and development are carried out at the laboratory, which spans a wide range of technologies and application areas.

Inventors and entrepreneurs use our facilities for manufacturing and to develop prototypes in our ISO 9001-certified laboratories, where we have a strategic role as a production incubator for high-tech spin offerings.

Students can take part in advanced courses based on our deep knowledge of nano- and micro-technology, processing and characterisation techniques to gain the knowledge that the industry requires today.

Electrum Laboratory, Kista