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SWIC, Sjöstadsverket Water Innovation Centre

Water is the core of life and an important indicator of sustainable development. However, an increasing proportion of the world’s population does not have access to safe water. The scarcity of clean water is a growing global problem. At SWIC, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge techniques that enable the reuse of treated wastewater while recovering energy and other valuable resources.

Interior photo of a research environment
The processing hall at SWIC. Photo: IVL

This unique facility is owned and operated by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. It stands as one of the world's leading research and development facilities in water treatment technology. Here, we conduct national and international research projects, as well as education, testing, and development, in close collaboration with industry and other partners.

The activities of KTH researchers at the facility are supported by the KTH coordinator and deputy director of SWIC. Some of the main research activities that can be carried out at the facility include but are not limited to, sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies, resource recovery from waste, and sustainable sludge management.

Master's degree and doctoral experiments can be carried out there, usually in a real-world environment. In addition to research, the facility serves educational purposes, including laboratory coursework and educational field trips. The facility is equipped with pilot reactors (including stationary and mobile) and modern instruments for a range of purposes.

SWIC is located at Loudden in Stockholm with visiting address of Lindarängsvägen 99, 115 27 Stockholm .

The facade of an industrial facility
The SWIC processing hall entrance. Photo: IVL

KTH Coordinator & Deputy Director, SWIC