CV template for employment of teachers

This CV template applies from April 10th 2014 for application for employment as Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and for application for promotion and docentship.

The following instructions apply for applicants and aim to facilitate the handling of applications:

  1. The CV template should be used with retained numbering.
  2. Applications should be written in English.
  3. Applications shall be addressed to the President (a signature is not necessary).
  4. Apply online via the KTH recruitment system. You must attach your certificates, etc. to your application in one file. Publications are uploaded separately.
  5. Your application must be received by the registrar no later than the date stated in the advertisement.

The application of employment as in ().

1. Basic information




Date of birth.




Home address and telephone number.


Workplace address, telephone number and e-mail address.


Current employment with title, subject area and placement.  Specify the date of employment.


Previous employment (include leave of absence).




2. Education qualification and evaluations


Higher education qualification. Specify year of graduation, type of qualification (for example, Licentiate of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy). Attach degree certificates.


Qualification required for appointment as a docent. State the year of examination. Attach certificates.


Evaluation of own science (research council etc.) Attach evaluations.


Previous expert evaluations can be attached to the application (for the last five years).




3. Scientific qualifications


Describe your research profile (maximum two pages).


Describe your planned research activities (maximum two pages).


List your publications (in a numbered list). If there are fewer than ten authors, all co-authors are specified in published order of names. Otherwise the first author, the applicant's name and the number of co-authors are stated.

  • List the articles reviewed by experts/referees in international journals.


Other publications including books and patents.


Describe the funds which you have received as principal or co-applicant over the past five years.  State the principal and co-applicants. Attach certificates.

  • Funds from research councils etc.
  • Funds from the EU and foundations.
  • Funds from trade and industry as well as authorities.
  • Other funds.


Describe active participation in national and international conferences over the past five years.  State activities, such as plenary lectures, invited lectures, articles or items, chairmanship, session organisation etc.


National and international prizes.


Membership in academies etc.


Reviewer experiences/expert assignments

  • Editorial/advisory board in international journals.
  • Referee assignments for journals. State the journals and number of assignments per year.
  • Assignments as faculty examiner.
  • Expert assignments, such as employment cases and other assignments.


Other scientific work

  • Exhibitions.
  • Creation of, participation and collaboration in international networks.
  • Scientific qualifications in trade and industry as well as authorities.
  • Other scientific leadership or development work which you would like to highlight.

4. Teaching qualifications (maximum 12 pages excluding appendices)


Briefly describe your profile as a teacher (maximum half a page).


List your experiences of teaching at first cycle, second cycle and third cycle and for further education. You should add comments below point 4.5.

  • Teaching.
  • Teaching aid production and development.
  • Administration and management of teaching.
  • Collaboration within the education programme.
  • Teaching of general skills.
  • Supervision.
  • Teaching activity outside the university and higher education institution.
  • Education and outreach presentations.
  • Electronic teaching.
  • Other teaching qualifications, for example, prizes and awards.


Theoretical knowledge.

  • Describe your insights into teaching theory.
  • Teaching education (list of courses and other relevant education activity).


Approach. Describe your personal teaching basic outlook as a teacher and supervisor (2-4 pages).


Teaching skills. Here you should describe skills you have attained as a teacher on all levels.  Relate to the areas you have mentioned below points 4.3 and 4.4. Write sub-headings corresponding to those in point 4.2. Verify your work with course analyses and other documents.


Further development of teaching.  Describe your development as a teacher and how you want to continue developing your teaching.


5. Other assignments


Administrative assignments.

  • Experience of unit supervision specifying the duration and unit's size. Unit refers to research group, department and school etc.
  • Membership in boards/councils within universities over the past five years.
  • Other professional administrative assignments.


Research policy assignments.

  • Member of state research councils or committees within them.
  • Member of other boards or committees providing grants.
  • Assessment of Swedish and foreign research applications (number/year over the past five years).
  • Member of international research councils, programmes, committees or advisory groups.
  • Other important expert and leadership assignments.


External contacts and external activities.

  • Collaboration with trade and industry as well as authorities.
  • Member of boards within companies and authorities.
  • Other work within the third assignment.

6. Attached publications


List maximum ten publications which you would like to cite in the first instance. Write a list and brief explanation for the choice.  Attach publications to your application.

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