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Launch of The InsSciDE Project

KTH will play an important role in the consortium, created under the coordination of professor Pascal Griset of Sorbonne Université and Director of the Institute of Communication Sciences (CNRS). Nina Wormbs and Miyase Christensen will be a part of this Horizon 2020 project that kicks off now in January. The project consists of 14 research … Continue reading “Launch of The InsSciDE Project”

Is there life on Mars?

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) recently granted the Divisions Sabine Höhler’s application Life on Mars: The Science and Fiction of Terraforming and the Future of Planet Earth. The project will start in the beginnig of 2018 and run for three years. A procjet page is coming up, but in the meantime please read the applicatoin abstract for more information … Continue reading “Is there life on Mars?”