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Siegfried Evens on Marcinelle and the European Coal and Steel Community

Our NUCLEARWATERS doctoral student Siegfried Evens, just got published with an article on the accident in the Bois du Cazier coal mine in Marcinelle, Belgium on 8 August 1956. You find the arcticle open access in European Review of History: Revue européenne d’histoire, or you can read a summary below! Full article (open access): The … Continue reading “Siegfried Evens on Marcinelle and the European Coal and Steel Community”

The Politics of Nuclear Waste: An Interview with Andrei Stsiapanau*

by Alicia Gutting, PhD student Nuclear energy is a highly debated field and depending on the societal context usually either embraced or fully rejected. From an outsider position it sometimes seems as if there was no in between: you are either pro- or anti-nuclear. This does not solely apply to times of active nuclear energy … Continue reading “The Politics of Nuclear Waste: An Interview with Andrei Stsiapanau*”

Launch of The InsSciDE Project

KTH will play an important role in the consortium, created under the coordination of professor Pascal Griset of Sorbonne Université and Director of the Institute of Communication Sciences (CNRS). Nina Wormbs and Miyase Christensen will be a part of this Horizon 2020 project that kicks off now in January. The project consists of 14 research … Continue reading “Launch of The InsSciDE Project”

ERC Consolidator Grant to the Division

NUCLEARWATERS develops a groundbreaking new approach to studying the history of nuclear energy A few weeks ago Per Högselius got the good news that he was one of two researcher from KTH to receive an ERC Consolidator grant. His project NUCLEARWATERS will get funding for five years and at least six researcher will get an … Continue reading “ERC Consolidator Grant to the Division”