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Exploring nuclear Germany

This text was first published by Per Högselius on the Nuclearwaters-Blog on 3 December 2021. Exploring nuclear Germany As the most recent wave of the corona pandemic rolls in over Europe, it seems that much of the past summer and autumn was a narrow window of opportunity for international travel. I now feel happy that … Continue reading “Exploring nuclear Germany”

Notes from the North

The Division is currently working hard to put together the history of 2019 and 2020 in a new biennial report. While waiting for the final print, we have picked up this nice piece from our former report, written by Rexsac doctoral student, Jean-Sébastien Boutet. Enjoy! Notes from the north, 2019 Text by: Jean-Sébastien Boutet, 2019 … Continue reading “Notes from the North”

The Afterlives of a Windowfarm

Anna Svensson was a doctoral student with the Division and the Environmental Humanities Laboratory, and successfully defended her thesis A Utopian Quest for Universal Knowledge – Diachronic Histories of Botanical Collections between the Sisteenth Century and the Present in 2017, when she left us for new flowers to pick. Anna was our unofficial florist, and … Continue reading “The Afterlives of a Windowfarm”

The Illness and Death of Lunkentuss the Elephant

Post written by Karl Bruno, postdoc at the Division. The Division’s kickoff at Skansen this year gave opportunities to reflect on the institutional combination of open-air museum and zoological park that this location embodies. The keeping of Nordic animals can be understood historically as part of the same identity-building project as Skansen as a whole, … Continue reading “The Illness and Death of Lunkentuss the Elephant”

the REXSAC Blog

  REXSAC is short for Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities and it is a Nordic Centre of Excellence in Arctic research. Funded by Nordforsk and led by our Division together with Stockholm University and Stockholm Environment Institute. Together with 12 additional partners in the Nordic countries, REXSAC studies extractive resource industries in the Arctic … Continue reading “the REXSAC Blog”

Be sure to check out the ENTITLE blog – a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

Entitle blog is a collaborative writing effort that looks at the world through the lens of political ecology. For us, Political Ecology is a perspective that seeks to understand who is involved in, and who benefits or loses from, how our environment is produced and reproduced. It was founded in 2014 by fellows of the … Continue reading “Be sure to check out the ENTITLE blog – a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology”